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Today the Maya of Quintana Roo continue elements of their religious-military traditions from the Caste War, including traditional priests, military leaders, and aspects of their social structure. The religious practices regarding talking crosses are maintained in various communities where crosses are venerated, including Tixcacal Guardia, Chan Cah Veracruz, Chumpón, and Tulum.

When this museum opened in 1993, community members began donating objects that had value and meaning for them, creating a living connection between the past and the present. The 38 original donors have been followed by others who gave a range of pre-Hispanic, colonial, and contemporary objects in the intervening years. Each object is a witness to the changing life in Tihosuco and has been shared with the community through this museum. These gifts provide evidence of the commitment of the Maya to unite in common cause, constructing a better future that is based on a living connection to their remarkable past.